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About Us?

In a world dominated by smartphones and run by Operating Systems, making an impact is just as difficult as standing out. Therefore, along the lines of technological influence SME App Solutions provides its services for all businesses and individuals and creates applications that are not only efficient but also create an impact for all our customers. We provide this one of a kind service in Australia and bring out the very best in applications for you.

Our Core Functions

In creating our applications, we focus on our core competencies to make the most of it. These are:


Per month

  • App Management
  • 2000 Users
  • 15 Categories
  • 1 Year Support


Per month

  • Premium Management
  • Unlimited Users
  • 100 Categories
  • Lifetime Support


Per month

  • Premium Management
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Lifetime Support

Native and Cross Platform Applications

Be it development of applications on native platforms or on cross platforms, our application development never disappoints. We let you make the most of each type of development without having to handle the downsides because we take care of that for you.

Articles and Resources

Computer security in software development: the good rules to follow

Computer security must be the cornerstone of the software code development process . Indeed, it is of fundamental importance to guarantee the safety requirements at every stage of its life cycle. From the embryonic stage of the project, a path must be taken that has information security as its main theme .

According to this modus operandi it is necessary to apply development rules and make use of professionals with specific skills. An information security risk assessment and an impact assessment is required to ensure the privacy of sensitive data processed by the application in the project.

Finally, a test repeated over time in all phases of the software life cycle is essential .

Computer security in software development: risks
Paying attention to information security in the development phase is important to minimize vulnerabilities , related to possible programming errors, which can be exploited by ever more effective and constantly increasing cyber attacks, but also invalidating the quality of the final product.

Protecting the code and the data managed by the application in development as well as guaranteeing the parameters for protecting IT security ( integrity , confidentiality and authentication ) must represent the main objectives of software security.

Application evolution: tips for the safe development of the software

The security of the data and services we use every day is also based on the reliability of the IT systems that provide those services and on the secure development of the applications that process those data.

As for a building, the solidity and safety of such systems cannot be separated from adequate planning that takes into account the safety requirements and can only be guaranteed through techniques and tools (the building blocks and the art of the builder) of consolidated development and tested.

The topic of secure application code development (Secure Coding) is very much felt by companies, however it requires skills and investments that are not always available. In fact, this aspect is left to the management of suppliers and often the buying company does not care; this phenomenon becomes even more worrying in situations where internal development is still important and managed by practice based on the skills, not always up to date, of internal developers.

The Secure Coding article : rules and guidelines for secure software development published on Cybersecurity360 helps us to understand the degree of complexity of these issues and how to address the technical, procedural and strategic aspects.

User Centric Design

For every application that we create, every aspect is optimized for use by the target audience. Of the most important features among this is the design of the application that is as user centric as it can get. This always yields returns for our customers with maximum conversions and the greatest functionality. Our designs are always navigable and make your experience with our applications as pleasurable as they can be.

Response Rates

We also optimize the response rates of our applications to ensure that you get the fastest application possible. With rates like that nobody goes out unattended and nobody gets left behind.

Contact Us

To understand more about our processes of application creation and the value we bring for your business, reach out to us and make the most of our services. For any other queries and question, reach out to us on our website and send us a message.